Choosing a carpet can sometimes be overwhelming. But you shouldn’t be overwhelmed or intimidated. It can be simple. Let’s make it simple. First, you need to examine its strength, thickness, flexibility, material, and weight of the carpet. As a standard guideline, short, thick fiber rugs are the strongest.

Woven or tufted?

There are two types of pile types – woven and tufted. Here we will discuss tufted carpets. Tufted is the most famous floor covering type today and is constructed by rows of needles puncturing the heap yarn into a base material. It’s simpler to produce and can be made utilizing a wide range of yarns with an assortment of finishes. A tufted rug can be circled, cut, or sometimes both.



Also called looped pile, the Berber type is named after floor coverings made by the Berber clan in Africa, a Berber or circled heap rug is produced using whole ceaseless circles superficially and has a particular knotted look. The carpet can be circled, with a low-key heap development. This will keep its appearance. It can also be formed from loops of various heights for that textured heap. For a room with a lot of traffic, pick a Berber with denser and smaller loops, which effectively spring back up and lessen the opportunity of loops matting and tangling. Berbers are decent all-rounder carpets but not when you have pets, especially friendly felines, as they may draw up and pull the loops.


These hardwearing rugs are made with yarn which has been curved firmly together, making a single pile course. The types are the most famous kind of carpet being manufactured today. They come in single colors or in a blend of complementary shades to help hide dirt or pet hairs. It’s also a decent choice for areas with high traffic such as stairs and lobbies.


Saxony is a good choice for the bedroom due to its deep pile. It has a cut heap with long tufts giving it a delicate, soft, and gentle feel as well as a lavish appearance. Its long heap makes it simple to level. This means that cupboard or nightstand feet imprints won’t really spring back as you may wish.


Flatweave is made by interlocking vertical and horizontal threads called warp and weft respectively. Flatweaves are a good choice for stair runners. In spite of the fact that it’s looped, it gives the perception of being flat and firm underneath.


This has a rich, lavish, and profound pile. Its tufts are quite long to give it a shaggy appearance. It is not the best choice for areas with high traffic, yet a phenomenal option for when you want to feel a warm and soft carpet beneath your feet to start your day.


Velvet carpets have short, thick piles. It makes for a lavish floor carpet in bedrooms. Velvet carpets have smooth, cut heap finish and are normally available in plain hues.

No matter what the carpet type is and where you place them, they will soon collect dirt and residue. Keep them clean and vibrant. Carpet cleaning Maui will help you.