Swedish massage is the most common type of massage therapy. It is what you’ll most likely get when you request for a basic massage from a service provider. It is also the best kind of massage if you want to improve your body’s performance against stress. 

The goal of the Charlotte Swedish massage is to relax your entire body. It is done by rubbing those muscles together using long and gliding strokes that follow the direction of the blood as it returns to the heart. The specific benefits of a Swedish massage are as follows. 

  1. Relaxation

If your body is craving for relaxation, then you have to schedule yourself a good Swedish massage. It’s a therapy that eases your body of the stress obtained through the everyday grind. It is highly encouraged that you schedule a Swedish massage at least once a week to reap its effects.  

  1. Increaseoxygenlevels 

If your body enjoys increased oxygen levels, then you’re going to be recharged for the whole day. More oxygen means faster blood circulation, which in turn, translates to more energy produced. Your blood also gets healthier if you go through regular massage therapy sessions.  

  1. Improvedbloodcirculation  

The benefits of improved blood circulation are already mentioned above. However, it is worth mentioning that if your body’s blood circulation is optimal, then you can almost be sure that your body’s health is in the best form.  

  1. Betterflexibility

A lot of people undergo massage to improve their flexibility level. A good massage is known to ease the tension in the muscles and joints. This benefit appeals most to athletes who are looking to improve their performance and to people who are suffering from chronic pain.  

The Science Behind Swedish Massage Therapy 

All of the benefits listed above are not claimed without proper study and research. Adequate laboratory time is given to a lot of scientists to explore how massage therapy can help improve body functions.  

A particular study was made on volunteers to receive Swedish massage services for 45 minutes on a regular basis. That study concluded that there is a noted decrease in their stress levels, more particularly on the amount of cortisol found in the body, including arginine vasopressin-a, which is the hormone that triggers the increases of cortisol.  

Aside from that, it was also observed the increase of lymphocytes among the volunteers. Lymphocytes are the white blood cells that play a key role in the body’s immunity functions. This means that the people who are getting regular Swedish massage services enjoy a boost in the functions of their immune system. As a result, they are more capable of fighting off common infections such as flu and colds. 

Where to Get Swedish Massage Therapy  

Since the Swedish massage modality is a fairly common one, the techniques of such massage are known to a lot of professional massage therapists. You should not have any difficulty in finding a trusted massage therapist who can provide you with all the benefits listed above.  

The common techniques, which are normally applied through the palms and hands, include firm kneading, stretching, bending, circular pressure, and percussion-like tapping. Be sure that you tell the massage therapist what you’d like to achieve from the service beforehand to assure of the desired effects.